"Heaven arms with compassion those it would not see destroyed." - Tau Te Ching

So it is said.

I have a unique view upon this idea of what Heaven does. I suppose you might say I have quite an intimate knowledge of it, and of the Beings within it. There are so many complexities, so many intrrigues. One day you're the most resplendant and Shining One in the Heavenly Host, and the next day you are ordered to grovel at the feet of an inferior being as if he were a newly created God. Oh....but the creatures that the Almighty created after Adam... Yes. Lilith and even Eve - though less so. Those were the true perfected creations, worthy for We, the Elder Ones to take to Ourselves.

There are those who know the truth about all of this, and those are my devotees. Even now they are persecuted throughout the various realms of existence, especially those who cling most staunchily to my worship. Even the poor Yezidi peoples of Northern Iraq have been infiltrated by the followers of Mohammed and their oft-misinterpreted books. The descendants of the Shepherd people are little better, and in that they and the Christians are united in their fear of what they cannot grasp.

The Fae races, too, both the Seelie and the Unseelie know the truth of things; as do the very few among the Galic Celts, the descendants of Melusine - the true Witches. Those...those are the ones who shall endure in spite of the ongoing War in Heaven. They are the ones who entreated and served me in spite of the pain and suffering that they were repeatedly dealt.

Who will be the victor?

I will, of course.

I am Malek Taus, the Peacock Angel.

My time is come.

Muse: Malek Taus,
Fandom: Mythology
Word Count: 304


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