The world was spinning; careening out of control and at the centre of it was Melanthe. Before a well-stoked fire and beneath the night sky, she whirled derrvishly. Her skin had been annointed with baneful, herbs rendered in vegetable oils and rendered animal fats. Each one had been selected to enhance her awareness until it neared a mad, visionary state. Even beneath the thin shift that she still wore, the scent purmeated the cloth. Her pupils dialated yet alert even in the firelight. The Witch with wild eyes, gyrations and hair knew well what she had come to this place for. It was alll for the summoning, to gain aid from inhuman allies that could help them in this war. Read more... )

Muse: Melek Taus / The Peacock Angel
Fandom: Folklore / Mythology / Religion
Word Count: 1068


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