I have compiled this for Melek Taus's application into the community, I hope I haven't missed anything!

Character name: Melek Taus / Azazel / Alexander Grigori


Fandom: Folklore / Mythology / Religious Figure

Alignment: Oh, well being as he is a Fallen Angel / Demon, he is VERY much a sinner - and hoping to make others sinners as well! ;)

Type: Fallen Angel / Demon (Grigori more specifically), sometimes worshiped as a Deity.

Bio: http://melek-taus.dreamwidth.org/3786.html

2. A piece of writing for your perusal: http://melek-taus.dreamwidth.org/3786.html

3. ONE of your favorite threads that your character participated in (that shows off one or more of the following: your ability to plot, write, work with others, twist plots, direct or react to action) - This particular thread is between Melek, Amarante, M. le Comte de Rochefort, their daughter Jocelyn and members of their court.


4. A link to anything that we need to know about their fandom. There aren't many resources online, but here is one:


Melek Taus is well known as the Peacock Angel, which according to some scholarly sources and historically, is equated with Azazel, Samael / Lucifer. The way that I write him is accoding to the mythos that he was the angel that was part of the Heavenly Host who refused to bow before Adam because they were commanded not to. What he got for his "rebellion" is to be cast down to Earth to rule. The Yazidi peoples of Northern Iraq, however, believe that Melek Taus / The Peacock Angel is not doomed for eternity but will regain his heavenly spot. My character is not altogether sure that he wants that - but we can play that out over time while he decides. ;)

5. Whether your character is coming into the community clean

Melek has a history with Fanny Fae over the whole of her life. Fanny who is in the community has gone a little quiet as of late. He also has a history with Amaranteand has been watching her since her childhood as well. Of course, there is no expectation that this would come into play here in the group.

I am hoping that in playing Melek and getting him (and me!) into the groove of the community, I can get my other muses to speak up! I have been writing him for quite a while over at Pan Historia as Azazel with a different PB. He is a whole lot of fun to write and so I want him to stretch his wings, figuratively and literally. ;)

Being one of the Fallen Angels, he rather likes to indulge in all kinds of sin. He is completely open to RP with anyone and look forward to letting him get to know you all.


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