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Prompt 179: Family Ties (for [profile] msuing_way

([personal profile] melek_taus Mar. 10th, 2013 10:17 am)
Lady Ashley Grigori watched the buildings roll by as her plane taxied toward JFK. Twelve hours of traveling, was more than enough to make anyone weary and the nagging ache in her back reminded her why she hated to travel. Well, at least she mused, she would not have to deal with her husband while she visited Alexander. Alexander was far more interesting than his older brother, Edward, and far sexier, too. She smiled to herself when she thought of his Yuletide visit. This trip was the culmination of the promises that she and Alexander had made to each other then.

Ashley checked her handbag, making sure that she had her cigarettes. All the anti-smoking laws and the endless security measures on both sides of the pond these days were enough to make her swear under her breath. It wasn't good for her skin or to her sense of order to have to deal with such things. Her mood was threatening to pass along those things to Alexander and that she could not have. She looked behind her billfold and patted the alligator cigarette case. Good. When she got out of the airport and into the car, Alexander would certainly let her indulge.

When the plane taxied stopped before the terminal at last, Ashley settled back into her seat momentarily. Let the lower fares wait while she and the rest of the first class passengers deplaned. Luckily, Ashley had ended up with an aisle seat. She had been grateful not only because she was slightly claustrophobic, but also so that she could keep one eye on the baggage compartment and one on the closet in the front of the cabin. And maybe too, she mused, because she was excited at seeing Alexander again. Behind the folds of the door was the precious cargo that she had brought for him.

Just out of the gangway. she caught sight of Alexander, she found herself thinking that he always seemed taller than she had remembered. He was causually dressed in a black turtleneck and brown leather jacket. When his eyes met hers at last, he smiled at her and the corner of his mouth broke from a wry grin into a full smile. Ashley, in spite of all her gentrification found herself rushing toward him. Her carry on and the package that she had grabbed on her way off the plane still clutched in front of her. Before they met, she managed to bang it on her thigh. Ignoring the sharp pain she wrapped her arms around Alexander’s neck and hugged him tightly to her, relishing the warmth that she’d missed over the past few months.

She embraced him, savouring his scent that was both very expensive cologne and sweet tobacco..

“Ash! It’s so good to see you!." he murmured into her hair nuzzling her neck with a little more than brotherly affection before pulling away a little. "How was your flight?"

"Long, " she replied shifting her luggage "I'm booked at the Plaza tonight. You will be eating with me, won't you?" Ashley’s words came faster now, "You must tell me everything that has been going on."

"No you won’t,” Alexander relieved Ashley of her carry-on bag and moved them through the crowd toward the terminal exit. “I cancelled your reservation. You’re staying with me. I’ve had the guest room prepared and everything is as it should be." He gave her absolutely no time to offer up a protest before continuing. “As for eating together, yes. I had cook prepare a special dinner for us at home. You’re here to relax, remember?”

“Well, aren’t you just the attentive host?” Ashley nudged him teasingly. She was glad he’d taken the initiative. It would make their reunion a more comfortable one.

Alexander let out a chuckle and wrapped his arm protectively around Ashley's shoulders. “You look ravishing”.

He was right, she did.

"You’re looking quite prosperous," she glanced up at him, "Your firm must be paying you quite well.”

“Without a doubt, my dear,.” he said. “I’ve already been made a partner which surprised the hell out of everyone, most of all me.”

The limousine snaked it’s way out of the airport and back toward the centre of the city and Alexander’s apartment. Ashley glanced up at the skyline between the usual chit chat of catching up.The conversation onloy barely touched on anything to do with the Coven and matters at home. Everything was kept discreet. As far as Ashley was concerned, one could never be too careful, especially in America. They tended to publicize everything and most of the population on this side of the Atlantic was more than a little bit repressed in all matters of religion and personal freedoms. Land of the Free, was just a tagline that had nothing to do with reality, she thought.

Near their final destination Ashley was enjoying a final drag on her second cigarette when she noticed a sign in a window of a small bookstore next to the traffic light where they were waiting. A name on the marquee looked familiar and she touched Alexander’s arm. “Frances McKay," she nearly hummed the name. I"sn’t that the young woman we met at the Celtic conference last year?”

Alexander glanced over at where Ashley’s eyes were resting. “Hmm, yes. I believe so.” He looked over at Ashley, “Perhaps we could go in, It starts in a few minutes. Perhaps we could bring her greetings from the Family back home,” he quipped.

“Ohh!” Ashley flashed Alexander a delighted and dazzling smile and slid her hand along his thigh before brushing a kiss against his lips. “I think I’d like that very much.”

Muse: Malek Taus / The Peacock Angel( aka Alexander Grigori)
Fandom: Folklor Mythology / Religion
Word Count: 978
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