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([personal profile] melek_taus Feb. 2nd, 2015 01:43 am)

I have been informed by my own scribe that she, and your lovely scribe would like us to begin having a conversation.

Of course, I cannot entirely fathom what the two of them have in mind, but of course, I may be able to guess. Since your family and I have very deep connections over the many centuries years, I should like you to know that I have always had a keen interest in all branches of your family...and you of course.
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If you are asking me to discern the mind of a woman? You have my most humble apologies, monsieur. [he rubs his stomach, where the scars still linger to this day]

I can no more understand their minds than I can the words of the wind. Still, one must make do with what one has.

And it appears that we have very stubborn typists.
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From: [personal profile] all_for_me

"Control, Melek? My women?" He gives a short bark of laughter. "At this point in my long existence both on and off the physical plane, I simply want to coexist without war."

He turns the goblet in his hand, light shining through the clear crystal to the dark, amber liquid within. "I live in a house full of independent, intelligent, and strong willed women. Not that I would have it another way, mind you. And it is understandable that they do not always agree."

"Still, as the only adult male in full residence, currently? I do believe that the term civilian casualty may well apply."

"As for my lady's protegee, she has found herself a new way to make herself a shadow in our home. She is as a pastel hummingbird, or shy lynx that slips in and about with relative ease and anonymity; protected to this day by her love and loyalty to - and returned by - my glorious, enchanting lioness of a wife, and her two equally fierce, magnificent daughters."

"Woe to any man, including myself, who would dare a dark glance or hint of criticism where any of them may overhear."


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