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Alexander rolled over, slinging his arm over the prone form of Christine Parker. Both he and his companion were exhausted from the night before, a mixture of late night devotion to the law which had been only interrupted by their mutual need for sexual gratification.

"You blooded me, you beast," Christine's voice was a purr, even though her back was to him. "I should make you pay for that."

Alexander kissed her shoulder and inhaled deeply. She smelled of warmth and winter, champagne and sex. It was a heady reminder of their ravenous mutual feeding they'd done upon each other.

"Confess, sinner," his lips curled into a smile against her skin, "you enjoyed it. The blooding only made it that much sweeter for you."

Christine tossed her red mane, waves of amber tickled his nose. She was as beautiful and dangerous as a lioness in the dim light of his penthouse, "Of course," she shrugged and sat up, pulling away from him.

"And in payment on this Valentine's day, I hope you managed to get me something wonderful." She lit a cigarette and leaned against the elaborately carved poster of Alexander's bed. It was her turn to look down at him now.

"Hmm..."Grigori gave a small chuckle, "Possibly. Don't tell me you want another trip to that classy little lingerie spot near Wall Street." He was teasing her now.

"Oh, no," she took a long drag off of her cigarette and let out a small sigh that sounded something like a very satisfied purr. "I was thinking more along the lines of the new leather shop near the Village. You know I've had my eye on that gorgeous hand braided English cat-of-nine I saw there." She rubbed the spot on her shoulder where Alexander had bitten and drawn blood, flicking away some of the dried remnants that had coagulated there. "It's the least you could do."

"Or I could just as well take you the leatherman in London where the bloody thing was made," he quipped drily.

Alexander stood up now, the sheet falling away from his naked form. leaving nothing to the imagination. He had a fine physique and he knew it. Not to mention the fact that he was very well proportioned in the areas that women seemed to think mattered the most. "Actually," he grinned, "I can do better than that."

Alexander found the suit jacket that he'd worn to the office the day before, now haphazardly strewn over a wing chair. Fishing inside the vest pocket, he plucked out the desired object, his mouth curling in a wry grin. Turning, he handed the beautiful small cobalt blue glass vial to Christine. Through the dim light of the room, it was obvious that it held an ample amount of white powder within it.

With eyes as wide as dessert plates, Christine's voice could not contain her delight. "You unbelievably wonderful bastard!" then her eyes shot up at Alexander's, the bright web of her hair framing her face that was now grinning broadly. "But I think I am going save it for tonight," she said.

She kissed Alexander first on the cheek, then luxuriously she wrapped her arms about his neck, pressing her curvaceous form into his. "I promise, I will have a little surprise for you of my own," she grinned up at him nefariously. "But you get it later."

Alexander chuckled, delighted that his gift to his colleague was so well received. He gave her a deeper kiss now. Their association always held promises of further delight. But at this moment, he found himself hoping that Christine did not have it in her mind toward having another quickie.

If so, they'd be late, and that wouldn't be an acceptable risk - not today. There were two cases that went to court in the morning, and there was far too much to do at the firm before close of business. If they didn't manage to clear their desks of the tasks that Hank Wolfram had in mind, the two of them could forget about any hopes of a frolic of any sort.

"Well, stash it somewhere safe, preferably here," he shot back over his shoulder, He made his way to the shower. "Frasier told me that several the canine cops will be downtown at the courthouse today."

Bill Frasier would know, Alexander mused as he left Christine in the bedroom. The firm's latest recruit was a bit of a party boy still and liked his illicit narcotics. He was good at getting his clients off on little technicalities, and knew the ins and outs of the drug trade. Maybe it was his little girlfriend, Maria Delgado, who claimed to have cousins in the Los Zetas cartel was the reason for that. Though, just how a little pischer like Bill Frasier got through law school and actually managed to pass the bar, Alexander could not even begin to guess. Dust, so far, was just starting to make its way through the streets. The last thing he wanted was the wrong people to get their hands on the stuff and to be implicated himself when it could so easily have been avoided..

Muse: Melek Taus / The Peacock Angel ( in his human guise of Alexander Grigori)
Fandom: Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 867


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