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Prompt # 7.5 Who Chose Whom? [community profile] writers_muses

([personal profile] melek_taus Sep. 6th, 2011 07:51 pm)
Did you choose your muse or did they choose you? What was the process like in getting to know your muse?

I have many muses, but I think, perhaps, in Melek's case, he rather chose me. He had been ever present in one form or another in my life for all of my life. Then when a bit of literature here and there kept reappearing, he rather appeared to stay about three or four months ago. Far be it from me to kick him out!

I liked the idea of writing a Fallen Angel whose history had been twisted throughout the various world mythos into something that neither he nor the Divine intended. Certainly, among the Kurdish people of Northern Iraq or as Melek is so often emphatically correct me, "Persia," he is worshiped as a deity. Also, in modern Faerie Trads, which practice a mix of both Hedgewitchery and old Druidic belief, he does appear as the Peacock Angel. He has liked the idea of coming and going between the worlds of mankind and the other creatures such as the Tuatha d'Anan who are of a different race of beings altogether. Like most Fae Creatures or even Fallen Ones, he can be quite charming and yet there is a sharper edge and a decidedly dangerous side of him. So far he is far less like the stereotypical Fallen Angel that we find in books and film and I for one rather like him.
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